About us

The Insure The Box Safer Driving site was created in 2013 as a resource for drivers – especially young drivers – their parents and road safety professionals. The aim was to create a hub of news, advice and information on everything about safe driving.

Insure The Box is the UK’s leading provider of black box car insurance, having launched their original brand – insurethebox – in 2010, followed by drive like a girl in 2013.

Safer driving

Safe driving is right at the heart of everything Insure The Box does, with products specifically designed to encourage and incentivise safe driving. With insurethebox, additional miles are awarded on a monthly basis, and with drive like a girl customers can earn a discount after the first three months, if they drive safely. Both products offer the chance to save money at renewal should drivers demonstrate consistently safe driving behaviour throughout the year.

What’s more, telematics insurance has proven to significantly improve driving safety: the average insurethebox customer aged 17-21 is 75% less likely to cause an accident after 11 months with the company than in their first month. ¹

Insure The Box is not just striving to improve road safety through its box products. The company also works with several road safety initiatives across the country, including Learn2Live in the West Country.

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Insure The Box is used on this page as an abbreviation of Insure The Box Limited.
[1] http://www.insurethebox-press.com/archive/15-telematics-motor-insurance-cuts-young-driver-accident-risk-by-up-to-40.html.